Jan Budař [in English]

Jan Budař

Jan Budař was born in Liberec [Frydlant] 31. 8. 1977 [31.7.1977], graduated from Brno´s Janacek Academy of Performing Arts ( JAMU ) in 2001 [2000]. He started his career in Brno's theatres under the tutelage of Vladimir Morávek, one of the most acclaimed Czech theatre directors. This prolific co-operation culminated in their first film BORED IN BRNO (2002)[2003], Jan's film debut for which he also co-authored the script and composed the music. The comedy was awarded five Czech Lions in 2003, including Best Male Actor for Jan Budar [Budař]. This success led to roles in such films as Marek Najbrt's debut CHAMPIONS (2004) and Jan Hrebejk's recent UP AND DOWN (2004), the Czech entry for the Academy Awards, which won also the top awards at the Czech Lions awards 2005. Currently, the team of Morávek and Budař created their second film HRUBEŠ AND MAREŠ BEST FRIENDS: COME RAIN OR SHINE. Having achieved his first life's ambition of acting on screen, he has only two more: playing alongside Audrey Tatou in a film directed by Pedro Almodóvar and touring with his band "The band of shy Elise". Besides acting, writing, composing and singing with his band, he also makes his own short films, dokuments and videoclips. In march [March] 2005, Jan won the Czech Lion award for "best performance as actor in a supporting role" in CHAMPIONS. In february [February] 2005 was Jan send to Berlin as a SHOOTING STAR to represent Czech cinematografy on the fim festival [Film Festival] Barlinale [Berlinale] 2005.