"Václav" [EN]

Václav (CZ)
Directed by Jiří Vejdělek
Prague (Czech Republic), May 2007
Making of directed by Sakis Kontos

Kříženeckého nám. 322/5
152 00 Praha 5 – Czech Republic
tel/fax: +420 251 819 441

Jan Budař – Actor
I play Frantisek Vingl who is the brother of Vaclav Vingl played by Ivan Trojan. Vaclav Vingl, my brother, has a mental condition and because of it everybody is kind of forced to forgive his conduct even when he repeatedly creates havoc.

Most people like him as he is “cute” quite often; I’m his brother, I grew up with him, and I’m the one that always had to perform just a bit better as around me there was the one that always was underperforming; thing is nobody has ever thanked me about that, nobody has ever told me that I’m at least as good; it was in fact exactly the opposite, I always felt that my brother is somehow better, that they like him more and so on.

So, I play a character who is really jealous of his brother, a tractor driver who is married but also a lover, both in the small village community; the whole thing then gets complicated but I wouldn’t like to reveal the plot, it just something that happens and the story gets an unexpected twist.

Of course a person can never guess how a film ends but for me at least the basis is that if I like a script as a reader, as a potential viewer so to speak, then this is how I come to choose a role.