Jan Budař [in English]

"Jan Budař is a Czech actor, director, musician and screenwriter. He is known primarily for his roles in films Boredom in Brno, Empties, Up and Down and Vaclav. He won four Czech Lion. Acting studied at the Brno Janáček Academy (1996-2000). He played in a number of domestic theaters in Brno Studio Marta, at the National Theatre Brno, Hradec Králové Klicpera Theatre, Brno, Husa on a string, in the Municipal Theatre in Karlovy Vary, Prague's National Theatre and others. In the years 2000-2003 was in constant engagement of the Prague Theatre on the Balustrade. Is the author of many articles for the magazine Instinct. For a partner Iveta Fabešová , the participants of reality shows on the knife!.
Currently filming Polski film as his feature directorial debut."