The Confidant Opens in Slovakia. News [in English]


The Confidant Opens in Slovakia
15 May 2012 By Cathy Meils
ImageBRATISLAVA: Juraj Nvota's latest film The Confidant which premiered in Slovakia on 19 April with 9,000 admissions on opening weekened, reached attendance of 21,000 in its first three weeks. The Czech premiere is scheduled for 5 July 2012.  
The Confidant is a thriller about the clash of an individual facing the well-organized force of state security. Young Czech film star Jiří Mádl plays the role of Adam, a young radio ham forced to save his girlfriend Eve from official harassment and thus deciding to sign a "contract with the devil" of state security, becoming a secret police agent wiretapping people to obtain compromising materials to be used against them.
However, he soon finds out that he is under surveillance as well. His quest for the reasons takes him back to the period of his national military service when he happened to witness an order resulting in death. His one-time military superiors have since become high-ranking officers of the powerful state security corps and Adam's testimony could hurt their clean record.
The film is distributed by Continental Film ( in Slovakia and by Bontonfilm ( in the Czech Republic. The sales agent is under negotiation. The producers Attack Film ( will take the film to the Cannes market.
The film had a budget of 1.65 million euros funded by the Audiovisual Fund of Slovak Republic ( with 430,000 euros, the Czech Film Fund ( with 200,000 euros, and the Polish Film Institute ( with125,000 euros. The film is a coproduction from Attack Film, Czech Television (, Slovak Television (, MaxiFilm&TV (, and Apple Film (

Production information:
Attack Film
Košická 58
821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421 2 5262 0941

Slovak TV
Mlynská dolina
845 45 Bratislava, Slovakia

Na Šafránce 1812/43
100 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 267 312 227

Apple Film Production Ltd
Bagatela 10/12
00 585 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 22 851 84 40

Producers: Katarína Vanžurová,  Ľubomír Slivka
Coproducers: Borek Severa, Přemysl Pražský, Jiří Vlach, Dariusz Jablonski
Director: Juraj Nvota
Script:  Ľubomír Slivka
Editor: Alois Fišárek
DoP: Ján Malíř
Cast: Jiří Mádl
Michaela Majerníková
Ondřej Vetchý
Jan Budař
Ady Hajdu
Táňa Pauhofová
Martin Geišberg
Marek Geišberg
Jakub Nvota
Ľubomír Burger
Roman Poláčik
Ľubomír Piktor
Maciej Stuhr
Arnošt Goldflam