Lidice [EN]



Czech Republic, Slovakia 2011, 123 mins ( in Czech, German with subtitles )
Director: Petr Nikolaev
Starring: Karel Roden
The horrific razing of the small Czech village of Lidice was Nazi Germany's only officially recognised act of genocide during World War Two. Nikolaev’s film tells Lidice’s story through its individual inhabitants. When František Šíma is imprisoned after a family dispute ends in the accidental death of his son, he unknowingly saves himself from the fate awaiting the village. Meanwhile fellow resident Václav Fiala enters an affair with the young, impressionable Annie, and seeks to disguise his infidelity with fabricated tales of his role in anti-German resistance. When word of his false heroism reaches the German authorities, Fiala’s lies destine the village for devastating reprisals.
A heartbreaking tale laced with tragic irony, LIDICE asks whether surviving is truly winning when it comes at the cost of one's dignity and honour.
Part of the Made in Prague 2013 touring season.